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 On The Road with Madison

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 

by Steve Desroches

On Christmas morning 2001 Santa Claus made a special delivery in Provincetown bringing a cute Golden Retriever puppy he picked up at a New Jersey animal rescue to the home of Suzanne Long. It was a holiday to remember for her and her daughter. They named the dog Madison and the sweet, but mischievous pup instantly became a beloved family member. And Madison became a real deal Cape Cod dog, loving visits to the beach and dips in the salty Atlantic Ocean. He also loved to eat toilet paper and paper towels, with a brand loyalty to Brawny, but that’s another story.

Aside from the obsession with paper products, Madison also loved food and road trips in Long’s 1998 Jeep Wagoneer. And the two had great adventures together with Madison riding shotgun, head out the window, ears flapping in the breeze. To make sure her buddy stayed healthy Long began to bake dog treats herself as a labor of love, so she knew exactly what was in them. And over the years she got more creative with the ingredients and shapes as she bought a variety of cookie cutters. Sadly, Madison passed away in 2012, but his legacy lives on as Long has launched Madison’s Adventure Cookies, homemade organic dog treats.

“This has been one of those things I’ve thought about doing for 12 years,” says Long. “And this year I thought, ‘You know what? I’m doing it!’”

A Provincetown resident for over 30 years, Long developed Madison’s Adventure Cookies inspired by the journeys she went on with her dear dog. As such, each bag of treats refers to a location they visited together, starting with Provincetown, and then more of Cape Cod, Boston, New York City, and Naples, Florida, with Martha’s Vineyard and Vermont soon to be released. Each treat is flavored with ingredients relevant to the locale, like cranberries for Cape Cod and apples for the Big Apple.

“Everywhere I went he would go with me,” says Long. “He wouldn’t let me leave the house without him. He was always ready for a road trip.”

Biscuits-01Before they hit the market each treat is taste tested by her granddaughter’s four-year-old Yellow Labrador Max and neighborhood dogs Tiago, Violet, Rhoda, Baxter, Misha, Bandit, Roxy, and Skittles. It is the most honest panel of judges ever, as you never have to guess if they like the cookies or not! To entertain the human companions Long makes them in shapes of Cape Cod, lobsters, the Statue of Liberty, the New England Patriots logo, mermaids, and of course, the Pilgrim Monument. Long also takes custom orders as she can make them into most any shape, except the island of Nantucket, as it’s impossible to keep Great Point from snapping off, and she doesn’t like to sell broken cookies. Regardless of the shape all the treats are 100% natural and organic with no preservatives or additives. To aid in preserving the treats Long does dehydrate them a bit and recommends keeping them refrigerated for storage. On most days Long bakes about 100 treats, filling her Provincetown home with the same sweet aroma as if she were baking cookies for humans. And she notes that Madison’s Adventure Cookies are made with so few basic ingredients that indeed a human could eat them. It’s one of the most fun jobs she’s ever had.

“It’s a lot of trial and error,” says Long. “Sometimes I think ‘Oh no! No dog is going to like this.’ And they love it. Other times they spit it out. You never have to guess what they are thinking!”

As Provincetown celebrates Pet Appreciation Weekend Long loves that the town is so animal friendly and that she has received so much support, not just from fellow pet owners, but from a community that really focuses on buying from locally owned businesses. To give back Long donates a portion of the revenue to local animal organizations in each locale her treats reference, like the Carrie A. Seamen Animal Shelter in Provincetown, the MSPCA of Cape Cod, the Animal Rescue League of Boston, and the Humane Society of New York and Naples.

As much as she misses Madison this new venture brings back warm memories of him. She jokes that every once in a while she thinks of making a treat in the shape of a roll of toilet paper. But she’s thrilled that Madison’s name is becoming well known in the spots he loved the most even five years after his death. He was quite a character who deserves a little fame, says Long. And she’s glad that other dogs are made happy and kept healthy in the process.

“He lived quite the life without being a Rockefeller,” says Long. “He lived a beautiful life.”

For more information on Madison’s Adventure Cookies visit

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Nov 13, 2017 

Meet Suzanne Long and Madison’s Adventure Cookies

Suzanne Long always loved dogs. “Once a week after school I used to go to shelters in New Jersey near where I lived, I’d take a dog and find a home for it,” she says. “I gave away six dogs—that I know of! I’d parade them around the school and persuade kids to take them. I only stopped when my mother said no more.”

That love grew and grew. “Madison was my first dog,” she remembers. “My daughter was thirteen and we kept renting places that didn’t allow dogs. And what didn’t help was Madison was naughty from the get-go; he was the class clown in obedience class—and he knew it! He ended up flunking obedience school. If I left the bathroom door open I’d end up with toilet paper all over the floor. He’d eat anything. A whole watermelon. Once a whole roast beef.” She laughs. “Do you remember the TV show, Bewitched? There was this neighbor on it who was always looking out her window to see what was going on, Mrs. Kravitz. Well, Madison used to do that; we’d say he’s Kravitzing.”

Madison himself gave Long the idea of creating doggie cookies, though she talked about doing them for years before finding the time to start the company. She was determined that when she finally did, she’d do it right: and that’s what she’s delivered now. “Nothing is outsourced,” she says. “I created the recipe, I designed and print the labels. Every new flavor has to go to a laboratory to be analyzed. There’s a lot of work involved, but now I have a product that I can be proud of.”

Madison's Adventure Cookies

Through trial and error, she came up with a customized cookie cutter for the small shapes. “I was up at four in the morning, either baking or doing research,” says Long. “I have custody of my granddaughter, so I had to find the time when I could. I had to make the shapes work with the different biscuits.” The results are beautiful and, apparently, delicious. “They’re meant for dogs but they’re safe for humans,” she reports. “And they’re good!”

The cookies are for sale locally at  Long is exploring selling them online as well. “I want to do farmer’s markets and fall festivals, that’s my dream,” Long says.

She’s no stranger to opening a new business or to working in town. Back in the 1990s Long had a bakery on Commercial Street called Rolling Scones featuring such delicacies as the Espresso Yourself and the Frank Zappachino. She still works as a freelance photographer and has bartended at Pepe’s, Ciro & Sal’s, the Flagship, the Lobster Pot, and the Boatslip.

“What I learned, I translated into the dog treats,” she says. “All the ingredients are natural, and there aren’t many of them. Less is definitely more. It’s all organic, there are no additives or preservatives or any dairy.” She pauses. “It’s home-cooking for your dog!” she concludes.

Current flavor “sites” for Madison’s Adventure Cookies include Provincetown, Truro, florida, Vermont, Boston, New York, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard..