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  •                Provincetown Ma... our home                            

Painting by Michael Mcguire Gallery

Madison Hitchcock came into our life on Christmas Day 2001.

Santa  gifted  my daughter and I with the most perfect, handsome, faithful, hilarious, silly, BUT SO SO NAUGHTY Golden Retriever puppy. He was a native New Jersey Rescue Puppy and was now ours and fortunate enough to call Cape Cod Massachusetts his new forever home and we all could not have been happier!

Over the years, Madison's all time favorite things in life were our   road trips together and of course The Beach!!    

He always insisted on sitting "shot gun" in my 1965 Chevy Truck.  His head was constantly out the passenger window with the wind turning his ears into flags and the Loose flaps of skin hanging over his mouth into sails....AS IF TO SAY, “I’M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE” to the  other cars we passed by.  

Over the long, cold, winter month's on good old Cape Cod you can bet he could be found right at my heels as I spent lots of time in my kitchen cooking and baking Healthy, Yummy treats for him.  Madison LOVED FOOD, FOOD, and more FOOD!!!   ( He ALSO HAD A THING FOR TOILET PAPER AND PAPER TOWELS....BUT, I HAVEN’T FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY TREATS OUT OF EITHER ONE OF THOSE YET!!)

Sadly, Madison has since passed but some how I wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest companions and best buddy I could ever have asked ​for.  So I decided to share some of our favorite all natural and organic recipes for your dogs to enjoy too 

Madison's Cape Cod Adventure Cookies will take you and your best pal along with us to some of our favorite places on Cape Cod  as each  Cookie is hand cut and shaped according to the destination. 

All of Madison's Dog Treats are 100% Human Grade Ingredients All Natural , Organic,  Homemade , Hand cut, and baked every day with love. We use  No Preservatives and No Additives 


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